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LLPA classrooms are not based solely on a child's age, but by their development. The age next to each classroom are just a guideline that the state requires. The Director will discuss classroom placement with the parnet but all parents understand that the final decision is solely at the Director's  discretion. Children will obviously never be placed in an environment that the director feels is detrimental to the child's development, additionally, children will never move classrooms just because they had a birthday. Children will not move form the Infant Development Center simply due to the fact the they turn 18 months old as children are not accepted into the preshcool program until they are at least 2 1/2 years old and potty trained.

Mobile 2 (M2)

Mobile 2 (M2)

Admission Open

Mobile 2 is our 4th infant classroom and allows up to 12 mobile infants.

Course Teacher (1 Teacher)

Lauren Erwin

Lauren Erwin

Lead Teacher

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