Mrs. Pauline - French

I always wished to be a teacher. In France, I completed a Master Degree, so I could apply for a teaching license but I needed to improve my English before starting the application to be a teacher. So I came to the USA as an Au Pair. I taught French to the 2 year old child I was caring for and at the end of my stay with my host family I was very happy because she could understand perfectly two languages. I also obtained my English Second Language Diploma at NWACC. 

I love Arkansas because one of my passions is hiking, as well as canoeing, bicycling and rollerblading. My other passion is cooking, and I like to try to cook everything! 

I started working at LLPA several years ago. I really love all our team and the dynamism of the school. Originally, I work 3 days as an assistant teacher and one day as a French Teacher. I started to teach French last year to the 2 month to 5 year old children. For the youngest ones (2 month to 2 year old), the classes are 15 to 20 minutes, and we are mostly singing songs and reading books (and learning activities for the oldest). The songs are the best way for them to remember a foreign language and they love it! For the older students, we are also doing songs, books, activities and games. Games are a great way for them to learn and understand the foreign language, and also a lot of fun! I am very surprised all the words they can remember, and they understand me perfectly when I speak only French during the games. I love what I do!

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